How to access virtual classes + membership updates!

How to Access Virtual Classes

1. Book your virtual class via the GloFox App (Shanti Yoga Center) or on the website

  • Current unlimited members and class package holders can book classes as you normally would in the GloFox App. See below for more information. 

  • New students must register for a GloFox account and place credit card information into the system. Choose a membership option to purchase and then you will be allowed to book classes.

2. Zoom Online Conferencing is the platform used for our virtual classes. Make sure you have Zoom downloaded on your computer, smart phone, tablet or Mac. PC will automatically run zoom when you join your first virtual class.

3. Virtual Classes must be booked 30 minutes prior to the start of a class. A zoom link will be sent at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of class. Specific directions will be sent along with the link however please make sure you are muted as you enter the class. Reach out to with technology questions.

Virtual Memberships

Access to virtual classes and the online library only

Virtual classes will be given through zoom

The online library will be on the Shanti Yoga Website (password protected)

In person classes at the center must be purchased using a different membership

#01 – Virtual Package 5 Class for $40 ($8/class)

#02 – Virtual Package 10 Class for $70 ($7/class)

#03 – Virtual Package 15 Class for $90 ($6/class)

#04 – Virtual Drop-In Class for $10

Class Package Memberships

Access to the online library via the website (password protected)

While the center is closed credits will be doubled and may be used towards virtual classes

For example, if you buy a 10 class package you will receive 20 credits.  If you currently have used 4 credits of your 10 class package you will now have 8 credits to use. 

#1 – Package 5 Class for $85 (10 credits will be issued)

#2 – Package 10 Class for $160 (20 credits will be issued)

#3 – Package 15 Class for $225 (30 credits will be issued)

Unlimited Memberships

Full access to virtual classes and the online library

#4 – Unlimited 1 Month for $140

#5 – Unlimited Auto Draft for $110

Discounted Memberships

To qualify for a discounted membership, you must be a senior (65+), Veteran, Educator, or Student

To access these memberships please reach out to and a link will be provided 

#02a – Virtual Package 10 Class – Discount for $60

#2a – Package 10 Class – Discount for $150

#5a – Unlimited Auto Draft – Discount for $100