Welcome to Shanti Yoga Center

Come join the Shanti Yoga Center sangha and “experience of peace within!"

Warm Greetings to all!

I am thrilled to be opening Shanti Yoga Center in St. Cloud, Minnesota! My vision came from a deep desire to create a Yoga “sangha” the Sanskrit word for “community” – a space where students and teachers alike can grow beyond the physical benefits of Yoga and dive more intentionally into awareness and understanding of themselves.

We are all individual beings, which means we respond differently to the practice of Yoga. For some people the most healing aspect of the practice is breath work and relaxation for others the dynamic movement, strength and flexibility.

I believe there is an interest in the St. Cloud area for enhanced learning and growth in the practice of Yoga; a place for teachers and students to be in relationship with each other, to be dedicated to their yoga practice, and to learn from each other. Perhaps Shanti Yoga Center becomes a place where students try something new like a workshop, class series or even a different style of Yoga. And, what if by participating and engaging in the community as a student or teacher we all experience the curiosity and creativity to keep expanding our personal practice and teaching?

My hope with Shanti Yoga Center is that it becomes a place where everyone comes as they are and leaves with a deep well of peace - cultivated, practiced and expanded. I want students and teachers alike to explore the Yoga journey that guides us inward to ourselves and then off our mats into the world of on-going work, activities and responsibilities in a more peaceful and compassionate way.

Come join the Shanti Yoga Center sangha and “experience of peace within!"


Jessie L. Sandoval, Owner

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