Bracelet (Jenson Natural Jewelry)

Bracelet (Jenson Natural Jewelry)


From Jenson Natural Jewelry website description - "Stones and crystals come in more varieties than you can imagine. They were created as the earth formed and have continued to evolve along with the rest of the natural world. They have been present for millennia and a witness to all that came before us. They have developed deep underground, in the oceans, or under enormous pressure -  which gives them all their unique characteristics. The structure of these stones and crystals can absorb and emit energy. Crystals have been used for thousands of years as a healing tool. Each product description on our website includes information about the stones and the effects they may have on you. 

However, do not use crystals as a replacement to what your doctor prescribes. The information shared here about the healing characteristics of certain stones is not to take the place of anything your doctor recommends. "


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