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Yoga Teacher

How did you first come to yoga, & what was that experience like?

Is it dramatic to say that yoga and meditation saved me?
You bet, as we say in Minnesota.
And yet it’s true. In the same year, I had cancer, chemo, and a divorce I didn’t want.
So trust me when I say—when life gets hard, it’s easy to fall back into old patterns, habits, ways of being that may no longer serve us.
But what about choosing to fall forward instead? Into our bodies? Into our breath?
You and me—let’s step bravely into a sacred space, otherwise known as Now, shall we?

What is your favorite experience of Yoga?

When my father was sick, my family took a houseboat trip together. It was hard to see how much he was struggling, but every morning, I carried my yoga mat out to a rock in the middle of whatever island we had hooked up to the night before. Then, I would flow through my practice--with the rock underneath me and the shimmering water in front of me. It helped me to be present to the entire experience.

A piece of Yogic Philosophy that's special to you?

Satya--I am committed to telling the truth. While it isn't always easy, it's the best way I know to be real and authentic.

Why do you teach?

Life is hard and yoga helps. It offers tools that help us stay grounded and centered, no matter what is being asked of us.

Where can I contact you, or learn more?


How long have you taught yoga?

3 years

Training and Certifications

200hr Teacher Training at Yoga Loft. 2021: 500 hr Teacher Training at Yoga Loft with Mary Beth Nehl

How long have you practiced yoga?

Almost 25 years

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