Yoga Teacher

How did you first come to yoga, & what was that experience like?

I came to yoga during college in efforts to find a way to connect with myself, retreat from the noise of the world, and learn to be with myself. It was a studio class, and I remember loving being able to move my body, connect the movements with breath, notice the thoughts passing through and have permission to not believe them. The final resting posture (shavasana) as the sweetest nectar, and I wanted more...

What is your favorite experience of Yoga?

A piece of Yogic Philosophy that's special to you?

Why do you teach?

In a world where it seems like everyone and everything is calling you out, outward, and to consume the next thing, I teach yoga to invite people in, inward and to their sacred place of authenticity, truth and potential. I believe yoga is that practice for the spirit by combining body movement (whatever that is for a person), breath and offering a respite for the mind. It is rediscovering the inherent knowledge, wisdom, capacity and sovereignty that exists with the body. Yoga is the practice that offers space outside of the mind and doing, and into a place of mindful being.

Where can I contact you, or learn more?

Instagram: @backtocenteryoga

How long have you taught yoga?

5 years

Training and Certifications

230hr Yoga Teacher Training through Yoga Center Minneapolis (now Yoga Center Retreat)
300hr Spiritual Warrior Yoga Teacher Training through YogaFarm Ithaca
Meditation teacher training with Tara Cindy Sherman of TreeSpiritYoga
Restorative yoga teacher training with Chanti Tacoranti-Perez
Chair yoga teacher training with Jessica Rosenberg of SuperStretchYoga
Trauma Informed Yoga teacher training with Anne Kiel of Firefly Yoga International
Prenatal yoga teacher training with Sarah Longacre of Blooma
Meridian Yoga Therapy Level 1 training with Rose-Erin Vaughn of ScienceofSelf
Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor training with James Bailey of Sevanti Institute (in progress)

How long have you practiced yoga?

20+ years