SHANTI YOGA CENTER offers peace and practice for everyone, with a variety of group-style classes that meet you where you’re at in your experience. From modern to traditional, hot to aerial, beginners and advanced yogis alike will feel welcome and encouraged in our beautifully designed space in St. Cloud.


MISSION: To provide yoga that meets you where you are today, so you may experience peace within.


VISION: To grow together as a community in the universal and embracing language of yoga.


“Shanti Yoga Center was built to be different than studios; it’s a serene yet energetic place that welcomes all as they are and focuses on experiencing peacefulness amongst each other and also within ourselves.”

—Jessie Sandoval, Founder & Teacher, Shanti Yoga Center

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Shanti Yoga Center is located in St. Cloud and welcomes all skill levels, from beginners to advanced yogis. Explore class styles and book classes within our intuitive GloFox app. 

About Shanti

Jessie Sandoval is our inspiring founder of Shanti Yoga Center, who gravitated toward the power of yoga as a recreational athlete. From there she decided to embrace the benefits and share her passion for Shanti, or peace, with the rest of our community.



Shanti Yoga Center has over 20 teachers, including our founder. Learn more about each one here.


To help everyone feel comfortable and informed, we've compiled a list of some frequently asked questions. Here, you'll get to know what to expect during a class at Shanti Yoga Center.


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Shanti Yoga Center

2820 2nd Street S. Suite 150

St Cloud, MN 56301

Tel: (320) 291-6285

Email: hello@shantiyoga.center

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